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Spectacular Lodges and Log Cabins for Sale

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Guaranteed Return on Investment

We guarantee a minimum of 8% per annum.

Second Home

Second Home

The Process


With second homes rising in popularity, you want to buy somewhere that feels like a home from home. Somewhere you can escape to at a moment's notice and know that when you arrive, you can completely relax and unwind in such a stunning and tranquil setting. 


Lodges are fast becoming a serious alternative to the traditional bricks and mortar second homes and they can also be up to half the price. We have lodges starting from £130,000

So for what reason would you buy? Here are just a few;

  • A place simply to get away from it all, at any time of the year.

  • Somewhere you can meet up with your families or friends.

  • You may be retiring, and wish to spend your time between two homes. 

  • If you buy as an investment opportunity, rather than a second home. We manage this for you and you have a (flexible) allowance for when you can come and visit.

  • You could even share your luxury lodge home between a number of owners (such as in a family), somewhere you can all enjoy whenever you feel like it.


Some advantages of owning a luxury lodge;

  • Not subject to capital gains tax or inheritance tax, surely a major consideration when buying a second home.

  • They are also extremely low maintenance - we have this in place for you.

  • The running costs are much less than a traditional cottage or apartment.

  • You can create your perfect second home.

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